NOTICE:  When using Newline products pay close attention to the dilutions.  You will get more BANG for your BUCK here with Newline products.

Residential & Commercial Carpet  Pre-Spray


Why not use a NEW-line of technology for the latest carpet technology




Super pHlex Premium Commercial Traffic Lane Cleaner

Super pHlex (Superflex) is a concentrated heavy duty traffic lane cleaner designed to emulsify the toughest soils and greases. It's special blend of solvents, alkaline builders and the latest surfactant technology enable cleaning of dingy traffic lanes and restore them to new life. Super pHlex goes to work immediately when applied to carpet thus helping to eliminate over-wetting heavily soiled areas. It is not designed for use on 5th generation carpet fibers.


To increase the performance use Newline Emulso extraction degergent or Final Rinse.


Dilutions: 1:16

pH: 12.0

Retail: $19.95/gl

Dirt Breaker Heavy Duty Powdered Carpet Prespray.  Details coming soon!
Citrus Slam Premium Ultra-Concentrated Pre-Spray

Citrus Slam is the #1 selling Pre-Spray in the Newline family. This unique product is full of power and boosted with d'limonene. It works on water and oil based spots and especially effective on food and protein based soils. Open the bottle and proceed with your cleaning and leave behind a great citrus fragrance.


For added punch add New Energy or pHire to increase your performance.


Dilutes: 1:32

pH: 10.5

Retails: $25.95/gl



NEW pHenom Ultra Concentrated Prespray.   Details coming soon!
All-Out Premium Carpet Pre-Spray

All-Out Pre-Spray allows heavy duty cleaning with a mild pH. It is extremely free rinsing therefore eliminating problems associated with detergent residue. All-Out is solvent-free, soap-free and free of VOCs. It is extremely concentrated (1:32) and highly cost-effective. All-Out meets specifications for use on stain-resistant carpet and wet, cleanable upholstery and fabrics.


Try boosting with New Energy when running into challenging situations. Use all out on all 5th generation carpets.


Dilution: 1:32

pH: 7.5 - 8.5

Retail: $24.95/gl
New CAPS Carpet Encapsulation Pre-Spray

New CAPS encapsulation pre-spray is the perfect product for any commercial setting. This product has been a leader in the Newline brand of chemical since day one. Commercial jobs are now profitable with encapsulation technology and even more when you have a product that works. Thanks to the great concnetration and coverage of over 1,000 square feet per RTU gallon.


Improve your performance when you add just 8oz. of New O2 to your gallon of RTU solution.



Dilutes: 1:16

pH: 8.5

Retail:   $37.50/gl


New Energy Olefin Carpet Pre-Spray and Booster 
New Energy is a semi-volatile and multi-purpose Olefin Carpet Pre-Spray, spotter and solvent booster.  New Energy excels at emulsifying oils, waxes and tars from carpet fibers....especially Olefin!  New Energy breaks the bond the oils form with Olefin fibers.  New Energy's super-concentrated formula greatly improves cleaning performance of traditional pre-sprays in a fast economical way.

  • Olefin Prespray:  8 to 16 oz./ gallon
  • Pre-Spray Booster:  1 oz./ gallon of RTU Pre-Spray
Retail:  $32.50/gl